This a Boats and Masts Launch – Register for launch or masts or both on the Service Order and Trouble Reporting System.

We can launch 8 boats or step 16 Masts (or some combination). Launching and Masting will be done for each boat (where applicable) at the same time.  Launch with mast installation following immediately.

A ordered list will be put together based upon first come first serve, time of day desired and ease of boat access. The list will be published on this page.

If you do not make this list, please register for another Designated Launch Date. If you are not launched on your chosen day due to weather or mechanical reasons, please register for another Designated Launch Date. Boats not launched will not automatically be moved to the next launch date.

As usual, we are looking for volunteers.  Volunteers should come equipped with appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) such as sturdy boots (steel toed preferred), work gloves, and hard hats if you have them.

Launch / Masting starts at 8:00 AM

Glory Launch and Mast
Teluride Launch and Mast
Razers Edge Mast