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Royal Kennebeccasis Yacht Club
Established 1894, Royal Warrant 1898
Latitude 45° 18’ 21" N
Longitude 66° 22’ 17" W

Haulout 2019 – Haul & Mast

September 24, 2019 all-day

The haulout/demasting list for the each day will be published here.  Please book your haulout/demasting on the Service Order and Trouble Reporting system

Haulout Notes: 

a) Please make sure that your mast is ready to be removed. Remove the lock rings and loosen the turnbuckles. For keel stepped masts, inner stays etc can be removed.

b) Make sure your cradle is in good condition and cradle pads are greased and can be easily adjusted.

c) Make sure your boat has appropriate sling markers on it. Sling stickers can be found in the office.

d) Keep checking this list as it is subject to change.

e) If the order of your demasting / haulout does not work  for you.  Contact the office or choose another day as early as possible.

f) The list below is an ordered list.  Please bring your boat to the dock after the boat immediately before you.  Getting to the dock in front of boats that are ahead of you on the list will not get you out of the water earlier.  Thanks!

g) We are trying to limit the number of boats on each day to 8.

Updated: 10/16/2019

Boat Name Date of Work Mast Up Late Launch Haul / Demast / Both
Galivant 10/18/2019 Haulout
Serena 10/18/2019 Late Launch Haulout and Demast
Forget Me Knot 10/18/2019 Haulout and Demast
Wolf 10/19/2019 Demast
Janra 10/19/2019 Demast
Syce 10/19/2019 Demast
Nonni 10/19/2019 Demast
Kraken 10/20/2019 Haulout and Demast
Y-Knot 10/20/2019 Demast
Time to keel 10/20/2019 Demast
Reprieve 10/20/2019 Demast
Loki 10/20/2019 Demast
Kismet 10/20/2019 Demast
Sweet Caroline 10/22/2019 Demast
Esprit 10/22/2019 Haulout
3 Sisters 10/22/2019 Haulout and Demast
Whistler\’s Air 10/22/2019 Haulout and Demast
Blackjack 10/22/2019 Haulout and Demast
Sugar & Spice 10/22/2019 Haulout and Demast
Oh Happy Day 10/22/2019 Haulout and Demast
Lady Sheffield 10/22/2019 Haulout and Demast
Figment 10/22/2019 Mast Up Haulout
Cujo Friday Haulout
SEA HAWK Friday Haulout
Syce Friday Haulout
Say La Vie Friday Haulout
Miss Teak Saturday Haulout
River Scamp Saturday Haulout
Happy Ours Saturday Haulout
Loki Saturday Haulout
I Know You Saturday Haulout
Nonni Saturday Haulout
Kismet Saturday Haulout
Wolf Saturday Haulout
Time to keel Saturday Haulout
Pour Decisions Saturday Haulout
Y-Knot Saturday Haulout
After Hours Saturday Haulout
Sweet Caroline Sunday Haulout
Runaway Sunday Haulout
Perceval Sunday Mast Up Haulout
Reprieve Sunday Haulout
Lorelei Sunday Haulout
Luce Del Sole Sunday Haulout
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