Haulout 2022 – Haul & Mast

October 12, 2022 all-day

Please book your haulout/demasting on the Service Order and Trouble Reporting system

Haulout Notes: 

a) Please make sure that your mast is ready to be removed. Remove your sails, boom, lock rings and loosen the turnbuckles. For keel stepped masts, inner stays etc can be pre-removed.

b) Make sure your cradle is in good condition and cradle pads are greased and can be easily adjusted.

c) Make sure your boat has appropriate sling markers on it. Sling stickers can be found in the office.

d) Haulout begins at 8:00 AM and will end at 4:30.  Please do not show up at 4:00 PM, for example, and expect to be hauled out.

e) If we have to cancel a haulout day due to weather or mechanical failure, we will move the whole haulout list to the next day. If we have to cancel the next day (2 days in a row), boats will be responsible for making another reservation on another haulout day. 

f) The haulout list (below) is an ordered list.  Please bring your boat to the dock after the boat immediately before you.  Getting to the dock in front of boats that are ahead of you on the list will not get you out of the water earlier.

g) We are limiting the boats that can reserve each day to 8. (8 masts or 8 boats or a combination of both, adding up to 8) If you are the 9th boat, you will be considered to be unreserved and will only be hauled after all the reserved boats and at the discretion of the yard crew. Unreserved boats may only be hauled after the reserved list has been completed at the discretion of the yard crew.

h) It expected and encouraged that boats that come out late, will go in early. And boats that come out early will go in in later. If you are coming out late, please make sure you are ready to go for the main launch or earlier.

i) We will try to accommodate special requests such as early launch, placement in the yard for work etc but there are no guarantees. Please indicate in your haulout ticket any special requests. The yard is full and we do not have much flexibility. If you really want to get in the water early next year, you may wish to consider purchasing Early Launch which guaranties that you be placed in an accessible place in te yard.. Only $100 plus tax.  You can order this while reserving your haulout.

j) Reservations for any particular haulout day will close a full (non-weekend) day before at 12:00 midnight. For example, reservations for a Wednesday launch will close Monday night at 12:00 PM.  Reservations received after that will be treated as unreserved boats.  This is to allow the yard crew to locate and free up necessary cradles and trailers.

Updated: 08/29/2022

Boat order subject to change.