Launch 2022 – Boats & Masts

June 13, 2022 all-day

This a Club Designated Launch Date for Boats and Masts  – Register for launch or masts or both on the Service Order and Trouble Reporting System.

You may have to register and or sign in to RKYC for Members to access the Service Order and Trouble Reporting System.

We can launch 8 boats or step 8 Masts (or some combination). Launching and Masting will be done for each boat (where applicable) at the same or similar time.  Launch with mast installation following soon after.

Boats that have not reserved will only be launched, if time permits, and at the discretion of the yard crew, after reserved boats have been launched and or masted.

A ordered list will be put together based upon ease of boat access, first come first serve, and time of day desired. The list will be published on this page.

If a particular day is full, please register for another Designated Launch or Mast Date. If you are not launched on your chosen day, for whatever reason,  please register for another Designated Launch or Mast Date. Boats not launched will not automatically be moved to the next launch date.

If a whole launch day is cancelled due to weather or mechanical failure, we will try to move the registered boats to the next day.  If that this new date does not work for you, please register for another designated launch day.

Launch / Masting starts at 8:00 AM

Updated: 06/07/2022 month/day/year THIS IS THE LAST UPDATE!

List order subject to change.

Boats marked by * are not guarantied launch on their chosen day (9th plus boat or mast, or inaccessible or booked on a non-launch day)

Boat Name Date of Work Launch/Mast/Both
Aurora 6/10/2022 Mast
Rendezvous 6/14/2022 Launch & Mast
Equinox V 6/16/2022 Launch
Figment/ Now named Summer Wind 6/18/2022 Launch and Mast
I Know You 6/30/2022 Launch