May 15, 2021 all-day

The 2021 Main Launch is set for Friday and Saturday of the May 15th weekend. If you want to be launched during the main launch, you must be registered with the office by May 10th.

Dates are subject to changes due the freshet and marina readiness.

Applicable COVID 19 Protocols will be followed.

Launch activities will begin at 8:00 AM on each day.

We expect that we can launch 25 boats per day for a maximum of 50 for the Main Launch weekend.  Registration must be done through the Service Order and Trouble Reporting System.

You may have to register and or sign in to RKYC for Members to access the Service Order and Trouble Reporting System.

The list will be made up by accessibility, by first come first serve and by date and time chosen and it will be an ordered list. We will try to schedule you on the day/time of your choice, but there are no guarantees and if you are sufficiently buried in the yard, you may have to launch at a later date.

If you do not make the Main Launch List please reserve another launch date on one of the other Designated Launch Dates. Designated Launch Dates are/will be posted in the RKYC Events Calendar.

We also have informal launch dates, as indicated in the calendar, where you do not need to register but launch and masting on those date is at the discretion of the yard crew.

Boat Owners that do not show up on time will either be sent to the end of the list (for that day) or will be cancelled.  If cancelled, owners will have to reserve another launch day through the Service Order and Trouble Reporting System.

As usual, we are looking for volunteers.  Volunteers should come equipped with appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) such as sturdy boots (steel toed preferred), work gloves, and hard hats if you have them.

The Launch List In Order. Launch starts at 8:00 AM on each day. Please be on site by 7:30 if you are one of the first 3 Boats.

This list is currently in the order of launch.  Order subject to change.

Updated: 04/28/2021

Date of Work Date of Work Launch, Mast or Launch and Mast
Rubato 5/14/2021 Launch
Bluestar 5/14/2021 Launch
Quelle Vie 5/14/2021 Launch
SEACLUSION 5/14/2021 Launch
IBIS 5/14/2021 Launch
Turtle Moon 5/14/2021 Launch
Kinsale II 5/14/2021 Launch
Dark and Stormy 5/14/2021 Launch
Janra 5/14/2021 Launch
Pegasus 5/14/2021 Launch
Y-Knot 5/14/2021 Launch
KaLiBra 5/14/2021 Launch
Sittin Pretty 5/14/2021 Launch
SeaDancer 5/14/2021 Launch
Whimsea 5/14/2021 Launch
Imagine 5/14/2021 Launch
Curiosity 5/14/2021 Launch
Athena 5/14/2021 Launch
Sea Hawk 5/14/2021 Launch
Oasis/winedown 5/14/2021 Launch
Fastlane1 5/14/2021 Launch
Alliance 5/14/2021 Launch
Gallivant 5/14/2021 Launch
The Darkside 5/14/2021 Launch
going concern 5/15/2021 Launch
Aurora 5/15/2021 Launch
A Frayed Knot 5/15/2021 Launch
Denali 5/15/2021 Launch
Lorelei 5/15/2021 Launch
Overture 5/15/2021 Launch
Third Act 5/15/2021 Launch
La Bella Vita 5/15/2021 Launch
Perfect Match 5/15/2021 Launch
I Know You 5/15/2021 Launch
Mountain Wind 5/15/2021 Launch
Runabout 5/15/2021 Launch
Nonni 5/15/2021 Launch
Sugaree 5/15/2021 Launch
Divided Sky 5/15/2021 Launch
Final Delivery 5/15/2021 Launch
Novelos 5/15/2021 Launch
Breeze 5/15/2021 Launch
Quincy 5/15/2021 Launch
Rendezvous 5/15/2021 Launch
Amica 5/15/2021 Launch
Curtesy 5/15/2021 Launch
Boss Lady 5/15/2021 Launch