Members’ Day 2023

June 16, 2023 @ 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm


This is a chance to meet new members, reconnect with friends and enjoy the comradeship of the club!  All Members are welcome!  We look forward to seeing everyone there!

The order of events is:

5:00 – Members’ Day Celebration Begins. Drinks are served in the clubhouse.  Ham and buns will be served compliments of the club.

5:30  – Opening remarks from the Commodore

5:50  – Blessing of the Fleet by Elizabeth Stevenson

6:10 – Firing of the big cannon

6:15 – Members to their boats, Commodores, dignitaries and members not on boats on the Main Wharf. An awning/tent will be set up on the main wharf to provide shade.

6:30 to 7:30 – Sail Past will commence upon the firing of the little cannon.

RKYC Member’s Day Sail Past Protocol

The Procedure:

The Sail Past takes place by sailing along the outside of the main wharf. Sailboats are to
be sailed under main and jib alone. Auxiliary power may be used, where available to
maintain position and safety. In the event of calm winds, smaller boats and dinghies
may be towed.

The Reviewing Point is the middle of the main wharf.  The dispersal point for all boats
participating in the Sail Past will be a reasonable distance beyond the Reviewing Point
as determined by wind conditions.

Yachts are to proceed to the designated marshaling area and take station under
the direction of the Fleet Captain. The Commodore will lead the fleet, followed by the
Flag Officers and the Past Commodores followed by the Junior Sailing. The rest of the
fleet should generally have the large sailboats leading, power boats to tail. The Fleet
Captain should be last. Departure from the marshaling area will be the western or
eastern passage, as determined by wind directions.

Yachts should be sailed from the marshaling area to the Reviewing Point, line-astern,
at 30-yard intervals. On approaching the Reviewing Point, yachts salute from two
boat lengths before the Reviewing Point to two boat lengths after.
For the Review itself, lead yachts are to maintain a speed that allows following
boats to keep in station. In favorable winds, sails should be set up so as not to exceed
four knots of speed.

An appropriate Salute consists of “dipping” the ensign, with the Skipper and crew
facing starboard with head gear doffed. Boats without ensigns will salute by luffing the
jib. The salute will be taken by the Honorary Commodore in company with a number of
Past Commodores of the Club.

Boat dress for the occasion is appropriate sized ensigns and burgees. The first
boat will cross the Reviewing line at 1930 hrs.

The guard frequency for the Sail Past is channel 68 VHF. Those with VHF sets
will relay information to those without. In the event of an emergency, a warning will be
broadcast to all vessels.

For safety, the accepted rules of the road are to be observed.