Thursday Banquet with the Alehouse

October 21, 2021 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
RKYC Clubhouse

Reservations must be in before noon on the Wednesday before the banquet!

Catering is provided by the Saint John Alehouse

Roasted and Spiced Acorn Squash Soup
Option 1
Pork Tenderloin
Whipped Potato / Roasted Carrot
Grainey Mustard Jus
Option 2
Smoked Salmon Stuffed Haddock
Whipped Potato / Roasted Carrot

Dill Cream Sauce

Apple Crumble with brown butter almond crumble 

White chocolate sauce

$46.00 Inclusive per person (Gratuity and Taxes Included)

COVID 19 Protocols that will be in place for your safety:

  • We will provide a list of guidelines to follow to ensure your safety. They will go above and beyond what is currently recommended by Public Health.
  • Table service will be provided.
  • Staff will be wearing Face Masks.
  • We can safely accommodate “Bubble” Groups of up to 10 people per table.
  • Please enter the Clubhouse through the marked ENTRANCE door and leave through the marked EXIT door.
  • Please wait to be seated. Tables will be spaced at least 2m/6ft apart & must not be moved by members at any time.
  • Members are to maintain physical distancing of 2m/6ft. between yourself and others not in your bubble family, at all times.
  • Non-medical facemasks are recommended when 2m/6ft. of distancing is not possible.
  • Please remain seated, with the exception of using the restrooms.
  • Mingling with others who are not in your “Bubble” is not permitted.
  • We are not currently able to use the Coat Rack. Members may place their coats on the backs of their chairs.
  • We will be waiting until each individual at your table has finished eating each course before we clear the used dishes.
  • Coffee, Tea, and Dessert will be served at your table.
  • Bar Services – Drink orders will be placed from individual tables.  Drinks will be brought to your table.


Great food! Great Price for Buffet and Member Prices Bar! Great Friends! Phenomenal View! It truly is a fantastic deal! If you haven’t been out for this wonderful event in awhile, now is the time and bring your friends!

Make/Change/Cancel Buffet Reservations

Please note: You can book this buffet (and other buffet dates) with this reservation system. You will also be able to change or cancel your reservation(s) at anytime. We reserve the right to charge for reserved buffets if the reservation is cancelled after 12:00 noon on the day of the buffet. You must be an RKYC member (or a member of a club with reciprocal rights) to book, but guests are welcome when attending with a member.