Rental Agreement

Clubhouse Rental Agreement

This agreement made this 06/24/2024 between the Royal Kennebeccasis Yacht Club (hereinafter called the “Club”) and "Name" (See "Name" in the Preamble below) (hereinafter called the “Patron”).


I.e., birthday party, wedding, business function etc.
YYYY slash MM slash DD
Begin Time (Time Function Begins)(Required)
End Time (Time Function Ends)(Required)
Bar Services(Required)
If you want the bar to be open. We include one bartender. The RKYC is a cashless facility. Please ensure your guests have a debit or credit card.
Second Bartender(Required)
The club provides one bartender as part of the rental. If there are 30 or more guests, or at the discretion of the office, a second bartender will be required and a $50 (plus HST) charge will be automatically applied. The RKYC is a cashless facility. Please ensure your guests have a debit or credit card.
Open Bar (Host paying for drinks)
Will the host be paying for drinks? The credit card must be provided to the bartender before drinks will be served.
Food / Catering(Required)
The patron has three options for providing food at his/her function (Check One).

If you choose the Club's preferred caterer (River's Edge Catering) you are entitled to a $30.00 reduction in the rental fee, after confirmation from River's Edge.
Caterer Confirmation
I have contacted my caterer and they are confirmed for the date of my function. (Only applies if a caterer is being utilized)
If you are looking for special requests for liquor or other particulars etc.

Main Body of the Agreement

“Clubhouse” means the clubhouse of the RKYC situated on the property of the Club at 1042 Millidge Avenue, Saint John, NB and its facilities. “Club Premises” means the Clubhouse and all the grounds upon which the clubhouse is situated including docks, wharves, floats and other building and property belonging to the Club.

The club exists to provide services to Club members and although the Patron has use of the facility, this use is non-exclusive. A member(s) may be in the clubhouse at the time of the Patron’s event.

3. USE:
The use of the Function Space granted herein shall be for the sole purpose of a "Type of Function" (See Agreement Preamble above) Any change in the use of the function space must be approved in writing by the club management.

The use herein granted shall be for: "Date of Function" (See above Date of Function) between "Begin Time" (See Agreement Preamble above) and "End Time" (See Agreement Preamble above)

The charge for the use of the facility shall be as per the rate schedule published on the RKYC website, or as negotiated with club office staff.

Associate and Outport Members of the club are entitled to a 25% discount off the published rates.

Senior Members of the club are entitled to a 50% discount off the published rates.

A deposit of 50% of the applicable charge is required upon booking the event. The remaining 50% is due one week prior to the event. Club members may opt to have the deposit charged to their account.

In the event of cancellation, the deposit will only be refunded if the club is notified 30 days (or more) in advance of the event. An administration fee of $25.00 may apply, at the discretion of the management.

In the event that the patron requests a bar tab to be run for the event, a credit card must be provided, and the bar tab must be paid at the end of the event with a minimum of 15% gratuity added (additional gratuity for great service is always appreciated by the bar staff).

See also additional charges as laid out in the Agreement Preamble

If food services are required, the RKYC has a “preferred” caterer (see Agreement Preamble), but also allows patrons to self-cater or to hire or choose their own caterer. If the preferred caterer is used a rental reduction of $30.00 will apply.

The use of nails, tacks, staples or similar items is prohibited. Nothing may be attached to drywall. Decorations may be attached to wood with tape, provided the tape and residue is removed after the event. All furnishings, decorations and equipment belonging to the club may not be moved without the express permission of the Club Management.

Confetti and rice are not to be used at any time on club premises.

Any movement of furniture up and downstairs must be put back in place a the end of the function.

No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the Club Premises by the patron or his/her guests which includes the clubhouse, the parking lot and surrounding club property. No alcohol is to be consumed by the patron and their guests other than that purchased at the club bar. Any liquor brought to the club property by the patron and/or his/her guests may result in the immediate shut down of the function, confiscation of the liquor and/or a $200 liquor charge to compensate the club for lost revenue.

The interior of the Club House is designated non-smoking. Please use receptacles provided for disposal when smoking on Club grounds.

The Patron shall be responsible for complying with all applicable fire and safety laws and regulations.

The patron assumes all responsibility for damages to the Club Premises and/or the property of any member of the club, that are caused by the Patron and/or their guests, invitees or other persons attending the function.

The rental of club facilities shall be for the space inside the clubhouse and the surrounding decks. The Patron, guests, invitees or other persons attending the function shall not be permitted on other Club premises, in particular: the docks, members’ boats, wharves, floats and in the boat yard.

The Patron shall indemnify and save harmless the Club and its members from all claims, costs or demands whatsoever which the Club and/or its members may suffer or sustain arising out of the use of the Club Premises by the Patron and its/his/her guests, employees or invitees.

The Patron agrees to designate an individual to be responsible for the collection of all articles belonging to the Patron and guests at the end of the event. The RKYC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

10. COVID 19 Regulations

The patron is responsible for abiding by any COVID 19 related government regulations in place at the time of the function and or as instructed by RKYC Office staff.