Join the Club / Information about Membership

Why join or keep your boat at the RKYC?   The RKYC is the best located, most fun and safest place to keep your boat on the stunningly beautiful Kennebecasis and Saint John river system.

RKYC members are also a community of power boaters and sailors who love to sail, love to cruise, love to race and more importantly we love to introduce people to our river(s) and share our knowledge and experience.

We have four  categories of membership: Senior Membership (required to keep boats at the club), Associate Membership (Social, Racing, Gas Dock Discounts, certain Marine Services), Junior Membership (Ages 14 to 18), and Outport Membership (Live > 25 Miles from the club).  See below to apply or to choose which type of membership is right for you.

Apply for Membership

To apply for membership please fill out the Membership Application Form. If you wish to keep a boat at the RKYC, please also fill out an Official Berth & Storage Request Form. You must be a member, or have applied for membership (Senior or Associate), to submit an Official Berth & Storage Request Form.

Rates at the RKYC are quite reasonable and we work hard to keep them as low as possible.  Try our RKYC Marina Price Calculator to see what the annual cost to keep your boat the RKYC will look like.  The full cost of keeping a boat at the RKYC typically includes  membership, berthage and haul, launch & storage (HLS).

Note:  The RKYC is a member-owned, non-profit, yacht club.  We are not a marina. When you join the club, you are responsible for paying your dues until you officially resign.  If you wish to resign from the club, your account must be in good standing and you will have to fill out the Official RKYC Resignation Form.

Membership Categories and Classes

Rates Updated: 2024/03/14

Senior Membership

Senior Membership entitles members (and their immediate families) to  all RKYC services including:

  • Keeping boats at the RKYC (berthage and/or land storage) Marine Services Rates may apply  See how little it costs to keep your boat at the RKYC
  • Member's rates for all marine services
  • Participate in the RKYC racing program
  • 5 cent per litre fuel discount at the fuel dock
  • Free pumpouts
  • Participating in the governance of the club (Voting Rights).
  • Attending RKYC sanctioned social events
  • Enjoying members rates at the bar
  • Renting the use of the club house for personal functions at a 50% discount
  • Keeping  kayaks and or canoes in the space under the club house at no extra charge (subject to space limitations)

Senior Membership Class

A - 60 Years Plus 25 Years of Membership

B - 60 Years and Over

C - 35 to 59 Years of Age

D - 30 to 34 Years of Age

E - 25 to 29 Years of Age

F - 19 to 24 Years of Age

Annual Dues

A $580 per year

B $986 per year (initiation fees may apply)

C $1,160 per year (initiation fees may apply)

D $870 per year (initiation fees may apply)

E $580 per year (initiation fees may apply)

F $290 per year (initiation fees may apply)

HST will be added.

See Notes below.


Initiation Fees (EFFECTIVE APRIL 15, 2020) will be assessed for new Senior Members that are equal to the new member's annual dues at his or her class level. New Senior Members may pay the initiation fee upon application (and receive a 10% discount) or pay the initiation fee via two equal payments - the first payment being made at application and the second payment being made at the end of the subsequent membership year (March 1 to Feb 28).  All Senior Members who have already paid an initiation fee, or were Senior Members on April 15, 2020, will be assumed to have paid the initiation fee and will not be subject to initiation fees should they resign (or move to a non-senior class) and rejoin the club. Unpaid initiation fees will become due upon member resignation. Payment plan options are also available.

New Senior Members who join the club between March 1 and July 31, will be expected to pay the initiation fee upon application and 100% of the annual dues at his or her class level.  New Members joining between August 1 and October 30 shall pay the initiation fee and 50% of the annual dues at his or her class level.  New Members joining between November 1 and the end of February, shall pay only the initiation fee upon application. Membership dues and Initiation fees are non-refundable.

Category A Senior Members must be 60 years (or over) of age and have been a Senior member for 25 contiguous years.  Transition to another non-senior membership class, or resignation and rejoining, will restart the count.

Payment Plans are Available - Contact the office (632-0186 or if you are interested in participating in the RKYC payment plan. The payment plan puts together the services you need and divides the payments over a number of months.

Associate Membership

Associate Members (and their immediate families) are entitled to the following privileges:

  • Participate in the RKYC racing program
  • May apply for a berth or storage (must upgrade to Senior Membership prior to use if boat is "Large" i.e., 20 feet or over or 100 HP or over)
  • To attend RKYC sanctioned social events including Thursday night buffets
  • To enjoy RKYC member's pricing at the bar during RKYC organised events
  • 25% discount off the normal rates when renting the clubhouse
  • Have access to wide range of Marine Services (such as haul/launch, pump-outs, berthage and moorings at advantageous rates) for large boats (some Marine Services require three months of membership before being made available) or small boats.  See the Marine Service Prices Page.
  • Keep small boats at the club  that are less than 20 feet in length and have less than 100 horsepower engines. (other marine services charges such as berthage may apply)
  • Five cent per litre discount at the gas dock.
  • Free pumpouts
  • Keep kayaks and or canoes in the space under the club house at no extra charge (subject to space limitations).
  • Keep sailing dinghies in the Learn to Sail area on the water side of the club house. (extra charges may apply)
  • Keep tenders in the areas marked dinghies on the Berth Locations drawing (extra charges may apply)

Associate Membership Categories

G - Older than 60 plus 25 years membership (see below)

H- 25 years of age or older

I - 19 to 24 years of age

J -19 to 24 years of age (student)



G $116 per year

H $232 per year

I $116 per year

J $58 per year

HST will be added

Category G Associate Members must be 60 years of age and have been a member (Senior or Associate) for 25 contiguous years. Resignation and rejoining will restart the count.

Associate Members now have access to a range of Marine Services* (including travel lift based services) at advantageous rates.  If you need an emergency haulout, mid-season repairs to propellers/shafts/sensors, insurance inspections or whatever, your Associate Membership entitles you to advantageous  member's pricing.  Join now because Associate Member pricing (for large boats**)  is only available after three months of membership. See Marine Service Pricing for more information.

*Not including seasonal berthage or winter storage except when the boat is under 20 feet LOA and under 100 horsepower.

** Large boats are 20 feet LOA or over and or 100 horsepower and over.

Junior Membership

Junior Members are between the ages of 14 and 18 and are entitled to keep boats and race at the club but may not participate in the governance of the club.


 $58 per year

HST will be added


Outport Members are members who's permanent residence is located at least 25 miles from the club property.  They are entitled to all the same privileges as an Associate Member, except that they are not entitled have a seasonal berth or store boats on land at the club.  They are also not entitled to participate in the governance of the club.



$174 per year.

HST will be added.