RKYC Buffet Reservations System

Welcome to the RKYC Thursday Night Buffet Reservations System.  We've put this system in place to make it easier to make, change and cancel reservations for the Thursday night buffets.  First time users should make reservations using the form on the left but anyone making  changes or cancellations (or signing up for additional buffets) should use the form on the right.  Enter the email address that you originally reserved with and an email with a secure link to your reservation information.  Simply click on the link within the email to make changes to your reservations.

Please Note:  You can still make reservations by calling the office.  Please be aware, though, that the Thursday Night Buffets (before the introduction of this system) were driving 100's of calls into the office each week.  This volume of calls makes it difficult for the office staff to do anything but buffet reservations.  Please help us out by using the Buffet Reservation System if you can.  Thank you!

*The bar/buffet will be going cashless on March 1, 2018.  Payment can be made with exact change, checks, credit/debit cards or by charging to your account.


Using the Buffet Reservation System for the First Time

Put your email in here if you have not yet used this reservation system to reserve buffets.   If you have used the reservation system before (or if the office has reserved for you) please put your email in the Make Changes to Reservations (to the right).  The system is based upon your email address. So please use the same email every time.

Already Signed Up on the Buffet Reservation System

Send me an email with a link to my reservation information

Use this form if you have already reserved or already used the Buffet Reservation System sometime in the past and you want to sign up for other buffets or change or cancel an existing reservation.  Always use the same email to make buffet reservations.