Digby Race Notice and Signup Form

Notice to racing yachts:

The starting line for the Digby race shall be a line between (a) the starter (race officer holding class flag A) located on the pier on the eastern side of the harbour across from pier 12 and (b) the southeastern corner of pier 12.

The scheduled time of the warning signal for all classes shall not be before 0900 hours. Note there will be a common start for all classes. The class flag for the common start shall be Code Flag A.

The finish line for this race shall be latitude 44° 42.600N. The western end of the line is longitude 65° 48.000W. You have finished when your GPS indicates you have reached the above latitude to the east of the indicated end of the line. Each yacht is responsible to record their finish time. Please send your finish time (hr, min, sec) to Chris Herrington. Email: herrington@bellaliant.net, or text: 506 647.8718.  Please include the name of your vessel.

Friday night / Saturday morning: presently no adequate facilities in the harbour. Visiting yachts should plan to stay at the RKYC until the Saturday morning falls.  Call manager Robert Ash 506.632.0186 for berth instructions.

Please be aware of the sailing instruction located on the RKYC website

All crew members must wear a pfd from the time of the preparatory (4minute) signal until the starting signal.

Digby Race Signup Form

  • Please list any alterations from the standard design and equipment. (Eg. Sails, propeller, spinnaker poles etc.)
  • By entering my boat I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing , the prescriptions of the Canadian Yachting Association and the Sailing Instructions. Furthermore, I accept responsibility regarding the decision to race.