The RKYC Welcomes Visiting Yachts

The RKYC has been welcoming boaters from around the world for over 100 years and we are always pleased when yachts and their crews make a stop at our club/marina. You will find our members hospitable, helpful and willing to share their knowledge and love of the area.

Clearing In - Customs and Immigration

The RKYC is both a CANPASS and a designated telephone reporting site which means you can call 1 800 CANPASS when entering or returning to Canada and the Customs and Immigration Officers will meet you at the RKYC.  Give them a call upon arrival or as you are approaching Saint John and they will instruct you on what procedures they need you to follow.  The office is open from 8:00 AM until 12:00 midnight, seven days a week.  CANPASS holders may have other reporting options.   Visit for more information.

Club and Marina

Berth Rentals are $1.95 per foot per night (plus HST/sales tax) and include water and power on the docks. Berths are not always available so please call or email us in advance. Power is 115 v, 15 amp only. Moorings are available for $39 (plus HST/sales tax) per night. Washroom and Shower Facilities are located inside the Clubhouse , as well as in the south-facing washroom in the basement of the building.

Dining is provided on alternate Thursday evenings in the Clubhouse and guests are welcome to attend. Reservations are required and can be made by contacting the office during office hours at (506) 632-0186.

Internet Service is provided free-of-charge within the Clubhouse, Marina, and to a lesser extent, the visitor mooring area. Please contact the office at (506) 632-0186 for the password.

Slack tides for the Reversing Falls (when you can pass into and out of the Saint John River System from the harbour) can be found atn Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  Tide Tables and information about marine conditions  can be found at


A convenience store and gas station (Circle K/Irving) is located 1.1 kms away, a short walk up Millidge Avenue.

The Superstore, a full-service grocery store and pharmacy, is located 2.2 kms away at 680 Somerset Street.

Dan's Country Market offers a selection of local fresh produce, meats, preserves and more and is located 2.7 kms away at 229 Churchill Boulevard.

New System Laundry offers laundry and dry cleaning and is located 3.7 kms away at 30 Lansdowne Avenue.

If you need repairs, you can contact the office or speak to the Yard Crew for assistance.

Around Town

Many restaurants are located within a 5 km radius of the RKYC.  Some of these include:  Wendy's, Tim Horton's, The Tipsy Tomato, Mi Mi Mi, House of Chan, and Britt's Rockwood. Bus transportation stops within 100 meters of the RKYC.

Please contact for schedules.

Diamond Taxi: (506) 648-8888

If you need Marine Supplies or Charts, Millidgeville Marine (adjacent to the Club) and Dykeman's Hardware (Adelaide Street) are your best sources.  Please see their ads located in this booklet for more information.