Environmental Policy

The RKYC is fortunate to be situated on some of the most spectacular waterways and shorelines in Canada. Naturally, the Club’s executive, members and staff endeavour to be Environmental Stewards in all our boating activities. This means we do all we can to ensure the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable activities.

As boaters, the activities that require our environmental diligence include:

  • the day to day land and marine activities around our clubhouse, yard or marina;
  • all activities while operating our vessels in the marine environment;
  • all our land based activities in the maintaining or preparing of our vessels for either Spring launch or Winter storage;
  • and the disposal of all waste materials, either on land or in the water, in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable ways.

Clubhouse, Yard & Marine Operations

To uphold our responsibility to the environment, the Club has put the following policies in place for Clubhouse, Yard and Marine Operations:

  1. All appropriate materials (wet or dry) and packaging will be recycled. We therefore make recycling bins available to the members and to the boating public and ensure yard and marine operations perform their activities with recycling as a priority.
  2. Use environmental friendly cleaners, solvents, etc.
  3. Ensure our pump out station is available to the boating public and is operational, well maintained and clean.
  4. Ensure our fuelling facilities are operational and properly maintained and meet or exceed all appropriate environmental regulations.
  5. Ensure that the users of our facilities know the proper re-fuelling methods or are assisted in these activities so as to eliminate fuel product spills to the environment.

While on the Water

Our members have also committed to practicing sound environmental practices while on the water by:

  1. Understanding and following the safe use protocols for environmentally damaging material.
  2. Using biodegradable soaps and solvents that get discharged to the marine environment.
  3. Understanding and strictly abiding by the environmental guidelines or policies that are in place in the areas or regions where they are boating.
  4. Assuring that marine toilets are properly operating and tank discharges are only performed in an appropriate manner

Vessel Preparation for Launching or Wintering

The yard is usually a bevy of activity during preparation for launch in the spring and when the boats are being prepared in the fall for winter storage. To further uphold our commitment to Environmental Stewardship during these times, here are some reminders:

  • Use the most environmentally friendly paints and coatings
  • Ensure the proper use of these materials, including the capture of all dusts & grindings
  • Ensure that all environmentally damaging liquid discharges are contained
  • Ensure that all surplus cover materials is placed in the appropriate waste or recycling containers

Together, RKYC members and staff can do much to ensure that our beautiful waters, shores and property are environmentally preserved for the enjoyment of generations to come. Let’s all do our part!