RKYC Marina Facilities

The RKYC Marina can accommodate over 150 boats of varying sizes. A, B and C docks are the main docks located in the cove surrounded by the breakwater. C is the closest to shore. A runs parallel to the breakwater and B runs straight down the middle of the two.

Most docks are 8 feet wide and 40 feet long, these docks will surely make tying up your boat quite comfortable. Power and water are available on all docks other than D. Adequate room and stability for two people to pass if hoses, power cords, rope, garbage and coolers are left off the dock. It is the responsibility of each boat owning member to keep their area uncluttered. The docks will be cleared of improperly stored items if safety becomes an issue. No permanent fastenings of any kind are to be placed on the docks. Carpeting and hooks are to be removed from the pilings at the end of the season.