RKYC Fixture Card Advertisers and Suppliers

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Please find below the contact information for our Fixture Card advertisers.  Many of the companies listed here are owned by club members and sell products and services that may be useful to RKYC members.

Companies/members that advertise in the RKYC fixture card are entitled to have their contact and business information listed on this page. Please contact the RKYC office to reserve your ad for next year's Fixture Card.  Prices start at $200 and artwork  for the website should be 1200 pixels wide  x 600 pixels high.  Ad sizes for the Fixture Card are 1/3 page:  5" x 2.5", 1/2 page: 5" x 4" and and full page: 5" x 8" in JPG or PDF.

  2020 Fixture Card

Seaside Woodworks

Custom Fabrication and Repair

Proprietor/Member: Ross Phinney

Telephone: 506-647-1863

Email: phinros@nbnet.nb.ca

Website: www.seasidewoodworks.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SeasideWoodworks

Twitter: None

Instagram: None

Brothers Cove Ventures

Full Service Marine Shop

Proprietor/Member: Geodie Ring

Telephone: 506 652-2879

Email: brothers-cove-ventures@rogers.com

Website: www.brotherscoveventures.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/brotherscove

Twitter: None

Instagram: None

Ship & Shore

Commercial Waste Removal

Proprietor/Member: Ken Ward and Jennifer Irvin

Telephone: 506-633-8084

Email: info@shipandshore.ca

Website: shipandshore.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShipandShore

Twitter: @ship_shore

Instagram: @shipandshoresj

Millidgeville Marine

Chandlery / Marine Products Retail / Services for Boats

Proprietor/Member: Brian (Bear) McKenney

Telephone: 866-633-1454

Email: millidge@nbnet.nb.ca

Website: www.millidgevillemarine.ca

Facebook: None

Twitter: None

Instagram: None

The Ultimate Mover

Household & Business Moving

Proprietor/Member: Peter McIntyre

Telephone: 506 672-6683

Email: ultimatemover@rogers.com

Website: None

Facebook: None

Twitter: None

Instagram: None

Great Eastern Boat Company

Marine Surveying and Yacht Supplies

Proprietor/Member: Bob West

Telephone: 506 260-6318

Email: greateasternboat@gmail.com

Website: None

Facebook: None

Twitter: None

Instagram: None

S. G. Merritt

Boat Building / Fibreglass Repair / Welding

Proprietor/Member: Stacey Merritt

Telephone: 506 609-6643 (Please Text)

Email: s.m.marine@hotmail.com

Website: None

Facebook: None

Twitter: None

Instagram: None

DCS Laboratory Services

Water Testing

Proprietor/Member: John Thomas

Telephone: 506 693-7556

Email:  lab@saintjohnwatertest.com

Website: www.saintjohnwatertest.com

Facebook: None

Twitter: None

Instagram: None

Maritime Ship & Yacht

Yacht Broker

Proprietor/Member: Ernest Hamilton

Telephone: 506 634-1672

Email: msy@nbnet.nb.ca

Website: www.msy.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/msybi

Twitter: None

Instagram: None

Flewelling Press Ltd.

Printer / Promotional Material / Yacht Graphics

Proprietor/Member: Ron Stewart

Telephone: 506-634-1654

Email: info@flewwellingpress.com

Website: www.flewwellingpress.com

Facebook: None

Twitter: None

Instagram: None

Saint John Sports Medicine Clinic

Physiotherapy/Total Joint Replacement Therapy/Concussion Mgmt

Proprietor/Member: Ken Salmon

Telephone: 506-634-1415

Email: sjsportsmedclinic@nb.aibn.com

Website: www.sjsportsmedclinic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SJSPORTSMEDICINECLINIC

Twitter: twitter.com/sjsportsmed

Instagram: @sjsportsmedclinic

Donna Mazerolle & Associates

Chartered Professional Accountants

Proprietor/Member: Donna Mazerolle

Telephone: 506-657-4067

Email: info@donnamazerolle.com

Website: www.donnamazerolle.com

Facebook: None

Twitter: None

Instagram: None

The Ketchums Sell Houses

Real Estate Agents

Proprietor/Member: Don Ketchum

Telephone: 506-721-2385

Email: don@ketchumrealty.ca

Website: www.ketchumrealty.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/The-Ketchums-

Twitter: twitter.com/KetchumGroup

Instagram: instagram.com/theketchumsrealestate/

Atlantic Euro Cars Inc

Car Dealership - Sales and Service

Proprietor/Member: Hup Clark

Telephone: 506-638-9340

Email: info@atlanticeurocars.ca

Website: www.atlanticeurocars.ca


Twitter: None

Instagram: None