PRHF Rating Request Form

PRHF - RKYC Rating Request

Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (Apply to have your boat PRHF rated so you can participate in RKYC Racing)

  • Owner Information

  • Yacht Information

  • Total length of the boat in feet
  • Length of the boat at the waterline in feet
  • How much water does the boat need to float in feet
  • How much the boat weighs in pounds.
  • Weight of the keel in pounds
  • What is your keel made of?
  • Sloop, ketch, yawl etc.
  • 2/3/4 blade, fixed or folding, diameter etc etc.
  • Explain any changes to the boat rigging etc. See for details
  • Sails Information

  • Wire/Rod/Rope
  • Headsails

    List headsails by %LP (e.g., 150% Genoa, 80% Staysail)