Official Berth and Yard Storage Request or Cancellation Form


Please use this form to "officially" request (or cancel) a berth or yard storage at the the RKYC.  You can also use this form to get on the waiting list for future seasons.

Using this form dates your request in our database so that berths can be assigned in the fairest way possible.  Berths are assigned by a first come first serve, fit/safety and membership seniority basis. In most cases, if  you already have a berth, you will be assigned a berth for the next year unless cancelled.

You must be a RKYC Club member (Senior or Associate), or have just applied for RKYC membership, to use this form. Berth or storage requests cannot be made by non-members.

Members are required to upgrade to Senior level membership upon being assigned a berth and or storage in the yard, unless the boat is 19 feet LOA or less and 99 HP or less.

  • If your boat doesn't have a name please just use your last name in brackets i.e., (smith)
  • This is your official request (or cancellation) for a seasonal berth. Please remember that berths once assigned (after May 1) are not refundable. Berth charges will apply if you are not using your berth but want to reserve it for future seasons.
  • Please tell us whether you will need the HLS (Haul, Launch and Storage) package, just storage or just haul and launch. Due to space limitations, storage is subject to approval from the Marine Services Committee.