Official Berth Request Form

In order to use this form, you should have filled out your profile (information about your boats, tenders and vehicles) on RKYC for Members.  This form doesn't capture all the information about your boat that we need for berth assignment purposes. This form is for current members who have already provided their boat information to the office.

People who wish to join (or are in the process of joining) the club should go to Join the Club and fill out a Marine Services Request Form if they want to keep a boat (berth or store) at the club.

Please use this form to "officially" request or cancel a berth at the the RKYC.  You can also use this form to get on the waiting list for future seasons.  Using this form dates your request in our database so that berths can be assigned in the fairest way possible.  Berths are assigned by a first come first serve, fit/safety and membership seniority basis.

  • If your boat doesn't have a name please just use your last name in brackets i.e., (smith)
  • This is your official request (or cancellation) for a seasonal berth. Please remember that berths once assigned (after May 1) are not refundable. Berth charges will apply if you are not using your berth but want to reserve it for future seasons.