Berth and Storage Waiting List Policy

Policy Updated:  18/02/2022

Berths are assigned by first come first serve, by fit/safety and by membership seniority. What membership seniority means is described below:

New Club Members: New club members are considered to be on “probation” for one year (365 days) after their application has been received and initial membership/initiation fee invoice paid.  They may apply for berths as Associate Members or as Senior Members.  Associate Members must upgrade to Senior (with their membership upgrade invoice paid up in full) before placing their boat in the assigned berth.

Current Club Members (Not on probation):  Berth requests may be made by Associate Members or Senior Members, but Senior Members will have advantages in the berth assignment process as laid out below.  Associate Members will have to upgrade to Senior (with their membership paid up in full) before placing their boat in the assigned berth, unless the boat is 19 feet or less and 99 HP or less.

Berths are assigned a first come first serve basis with the following exceptions/definitions:

  • The official berth request date for new members will be the date that the club received the “official berth and storage request form,” or the date that the initial membership invoice was paid, whichever is later.
  • Club members not on probation (have been members for more than one year) will go ahead (on the waiting list) of members on probation (have been members for less than one year), be they Senior or Associate, in the order of berth request date (receiving the official berth and storage request form).
  • Members with berths already, in the circumstances where they have changed boats and the new boat does not fit the existing berth, go to the head of the waiting list in order of receipt of berth requests.

Where appropriate, members who are more senior (who have berths already) can request to swap berths with boats that are indicated in red on the berth locations drawing  when they are owned by members less senior. Please note that not all boats marked in red are owned by new or less senior members.

Once a berth has been assigned to a member, although the boat may be moved, they will not be un-berthed except in exceptional circumstances.

Reserving Your Existing Berth For Future Boating Seasons

If you are not planning on using your berth during the boating season, but you want to reserve it for the next season(s), you can do this by paying 50% of the normal berth charge for your boat.  If you choose the 50% option, you will not be able to change your mind mid-season and have access to your berth.

Note: Reserving berths is not intended for the long term (more than three boating seasons). Management approval will be required for reservations lasting more than 3 consecutive seasons.

If you pay full price for your berth, and you store your boat in the yard, you will pay summer storage if you don’t launch.

If your boat is stored in the yard, storage charges (summers and/or winter) will apply.