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Royal Kennebeccasis Yacht Club
Established 1894, Royal Warrant 1898
Latitude 45° 18’ 21" N
Longitude 66° 22’ 17" W

Marine Services Request Form

The Marine Services Request Form must be filed out by all members who wish to make use of seasonal berth facilities, winter/summer storage and or require haulout or launch.  This form should be filled out each spring and before bringing or removing a boat from the club.


  • Membership billing depends upon on your date of birth. Please help us to keep our information correct.
  • Please let us know if this is a new boat, a boat that is already at the club (and receiving Marine Services) or if the boat has been sold and / or will be leaving the club.
  • If you are storing a trailer at the RKYC?
  • Service(s) Requested

  • Please note that Seasonal Berths are non-refundable. If you are unsure about committing to a whole season please request a daily or weekly berth (when/if available).
  • Includes hauling, storing the boat for the winter and then launching in the spring. Please note that if you launch later than then club designated dates in the spring, a late launch charge may be assessed. Boats require cradles or trailers for on-site storage.
  • Cradles or trailers are required for on-site storage.
  • Cradles or trailers are required for on-site storage.
  • Step and remove mast(s)
  • I confirm that I maintain a minimum of $100000 liability insurance.
  • Please read the RKYC Club Regulations located on the RKYC website under Marine Services or click on the link below the form. The RKYC Club Regulations will open on a new page so your entries will not be lost.


Please click on this link to to view the RKYC Club  Regulations – RKYC Club Regulations

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