RKYC Volunteer Opportunities

The RKYC depends on its members volunteering to make sure that the docks are put in/taken out, the boats are launched and hauled and for many other important areas around the club.  We are also looking for volunteers to help keep the clubhouse and grounds looking good so that we can be proud of our club.

Please find below some of the areas we would like our volunteers to take responsibility for.


Chief Recycling Officer(s)

Open Volunteer Spots: 3

Boaters generate a lot of waste, including a lot of plastic, bottles, milk jugs and cans.  This role ensures that appropriate collection bins are set up and are taken to the city recycling centers on a regular basis.…Find Out More

Maintain the Cannons

Open Volunteer Spots: Closed

Let’s face it, no respectable royal yacht club would be complete without properly maintained armament… and The RKYC is no exception.  This volunteer position involves making sure that the RKYC cannons and field pieces are painted, clean and ready for action.…Find Out More

Canada Room

Open Volunteer Spots: 3

We need people to make sure that the Canada Room (upstairs) is kept clean and not just a dumping ground for excess stuff.  This role includes making sure the library is neat,  garbage is picked up and chairs etc are properly put away.…Find Out More