Royal Kennebeccasis Yacht Club
Established 1894, Royal Warrant 1898
Latitude 45° 18’ 21" N
Longitude 66° 22’ 17" W

Service Order and Issue Reporting System

Welcome to the RKYC Service Order and Issue Reporting System.  This system has been put in place to allow club members to request Marine Services such as launch, haul, masting etc and to report issues with the club’s infrastructure.  Things like leaky water pipes, missing cleats and other service or safety issues.

The idea is that this system will make it easy to report issues and request services, but even more importantly, it makes sure that your request or concern is properly recorded and tracked.  You can also call or email the office to request services and or report issues.

While we will try to respond and act on every request, it may be that some tickets are not acted on (due to workload/priorities), but all will be reviewed and recorded.  We will also use this data to help us to decide what areas of the club require investment in future years.


Service Order and Issue Reporting System


To use the system, click on the above link and a page with the screen below will open up. Choose Guest Login (as shown below) and put your name and email address in the areas indicated.

When you sign in (with the same email address)  it will take you to a list of tickets that you have previously submitted. In this screen you can submit a new ticket or you can check on the status of previously submitted tickets.  To submit a new ticket please choose “Create a Ticket” and it will take you to a screen that looks like the one below.  Choose a priority (depending on what you think the urgency is), a category (that best describes the nature of the issue) and then  describe the problem and its location as best you can.  The Office will review the ticket and assign it to the appropriate people to have it addressed.


If you want to order a haulout or launch, boat pick up, mast installation or any kind of marine services, please fill out the form in the way shown below.  If you choose a category such as “Launch / Haul,” the boat name tab will appear and there is a date tab where you can indicate what date you want the work to be done.  You can also indicate in the description the time of day you would like the work done, but precise timing will have to be worked out with the yard crew. It’s also a really good idea to provide a number that the yard crew can reach you at, so that they can coordinate the work with you.

Thanks for using the Service Order and Issue Reporting System!

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