Blue Duster

Launch 2022

The Launch 2022 schedule is now in the RKYC Events Calendar.  You can book your launch by going to the Service Order and Trouble Ticket System on RKYC for Members. If you haven’t used this system before, you will have to register for RKYC for Members.

Due to the large number of Russians, who for some reason want to join RKYC for Members, the office will have to approve your registration. 😊 We will try to do this as quickly as possible.

When registered please sign in and go to the Service Order and Trouble Ticketing menu choice and then choose Create New Ticket.  You should use the ticket Category “***Launch 2022***”

This year’s launch will be a refinement of last year’s launch and will have the following features:

  • Early Launch – May 14 and 17.  (Only for accessible boats and boats that have paid the early launch fee. Boats only)
  • Main Launch – May 20 and 21st. (For boats that are accessible or will be made accessible during the launch. Boats Only)
  • Regular Launch – Boats and or masts every second day throughout the rest of May & June
  • Mast Prep and Informal Launch – Every other second day through the rest of May and June. (Launch/Mast at the discretion of the yard crew if other duties are complete)
  • There are 4 Saturdays in the launch schedule.
  • All launch dates are subject to change due to the freshet or the marina not being ready.

Supper at the Clubhouse

River Edge has thankfully stepped up to do a couple of Suppers in the Clubhouse on April 7 and April 21st.  The April 7th supper is now available for reservations. Let’s give River Edge a great turnout… they have been missed!

The menu will be:

Dinner Rolls

Assorted salads and platters

Indian Butter Mussels

Citrus Crusted Haddock, Dill Cream

Carved Mesquite Pork Loin, Apple Jus

Potato Croquette

Seasonal Vegetables

Assorted Dessert

$38 All Inclusive

Donate to Upgrade and Reupholster Club House Chairs

Please let the office now if you would like to make a small donation to have the wooden clubhouse chairs fixed up and reupholstered.  There is a signup form in the bar or simply respond to this email. The round tables have already been redone and they look great! Thanks!

Major Boat Work Reminder

If you are planning to be doing work on your boat that could conceivably affect other boats or clubhouse property, please remember to fill out the Major Work Form. Thanks!

Past Blue Dusters

We are now posting past Blue Dusters on the website home page (top right-hand corner of the home page).  If you have lost the original Blue Duster email, you will now be able to find them on the RKYC Website.