Blue Duster

Friday Night at the Clubhouse Reminder

We have not one, but two Friday Night(s) at the Clubhouse coming up. Please mark your calendars. The last one was a ball!

April 29th – Hammond River Beer Tasting and BYO Wings

May 6th – Music by Rock N’ Roll Cowgirl

Supper at the Clubhouse – April 21, 2022

The April 21st Supper at the Clubhouse IS ON and will close for reservations tomorrow (Wednesday April 20) at noon. Please go to the reservation system to reserve your Supper at the Clubhouse.

RKYC SMS – The Club’s Text-Message Based Information System

In addition to the Blue Duster, the Fixture Card and our Facebook Group  (RKYC for Members), we now have a text-message based system, RKYC SMS, to provide information to members.  RKYC SMS will be used by the office and committees to provide timely information regarding activities, marine services, weather events and other goings-on at the club.

To receive messages on RKYC SMS, it will be necessary to subscribe and provide your mobile telephone number.  You are free to subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. Please go to to find out more and to subscribe.

Club Sander and Vacuum System

We have a new sander and vacuum system that is available for members to use when they are doing sanding or grinding work on their boats that will cause dust and possibly effect other individuals, vessels or club property.

The vacuum system is designed to work with tools that have 1 inch or 1.5 inch dust ports, so it can work with many sanders or grinders. The new sander is designed to work with 5-inch, 8-hole hook and loop (Velcro) paper which members will have to provide for themselves.

The sander, vacuum and hose (and dust hood attachments) can be found in the spar shed in an appropriately marked locker. Please return them when not in use. There is only one… and there are many members.

The Water is on in the Yard

The Yard Crew would like to inform everyone that the water is now turned on in the yard.