Blue Duster


Launch 2022 Update – Saturday Early Launch is On!

The early launch is on for Saturday!  8:00 AM start! The launch list is published in the events calendar. A big thanks goes out to yard crew for fighting flood and weather to put the marina together!

We would like to remind everyone that “early launch” is for boats that are accessible and for boats that have paid the early launch fee.  Boats that are not accessible or have not paid the early launch fee that have chosen early launch will be listed on the calendar with an * beside the boat name. This means that if your boat becomes accessible and if the yard crew have time, then you might be launched on your chosen day. No guarantees.

On the main launch, we will be trying to launch boats that are accessible or will be made accessible during the launch. The launch order will be organised by the office and the yard crew to minimize the number of boats that we will have to move (and not launch). Again, if your boat is marked with an asterisk, it means that we don’t think that it will become accessible, and launch is not guaranteed.

On the regular launch days, we will try our very best to launch everyone who books a launch.  That being said, there may be boats that are so inaccessible that we still can’t launch them.  These boats will be indicated by an * as well.

On the in between launch days marked on the calendar as Mast Prep and Informal Launch it may be possible to get launched or masted if you are ready and the crew has time, but if you chose one of these days using the booking system, your boat will again be marked with an *. Thanks!

Call for Volunteers this Saturday – Power, Water and Gardening

We are calling for volunteers this Saturday to help install the water and power on the docks.  Work should start at 9:00 AM. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!  Look for Neil Stanton for guidance.

We are also looking for volunteers to help with the gardening of the lighthouse area.  The club has received a grant to beautify the area. Work should start at 10:00 AM. Look for Heather McBriarty for guidance.

And of course, extra hands with the launch are always appreciated!

For all volunteer activities, please wear appropriate boots, gloves etc.

We hear rumours that the bar will be open and BBQ food will be available and the weather looks good!

Supper at the Clubhouse – May 19th

There is a Supper at the Clubhouse scheduled for May 19th.  Please go to the Supper at the Clubhouse booking system to make your reservations.  The menu will be:


Assorted Salads

Caesar Mussels


Shrimp Mac & Cheese

BBQ Chicken

Baked Loaded Potatoes


Assorted Fine Desserts

$38.00 Inclusive per person (Gratuity and Taxes Included)

Flare Disposal Day – June 11th

If you have any flares to dispose of, a flare disposal day has been organised by the Kennebecasis Power and Sail Squadron, CIL/Orion and Millidgeville Marine. Expired flares will be accepted at Millidgeville Marine from 9:00 until 1:00 pm on June 11th.