Blue Duster

Supper at the Clubhouse – Thursday July 28th

The next Supper at the Clubhouse is scheduled for Thursday, July 28th.

The menu will now be:


Assorted Salads & Platters

Beer Braised Mussels


Beef Stroganov

Broiled Chicken with Maple Dijon Cream


Chefs Selection of Fine Desserts

$38.00 Inclusive per person (Gratuity and Taxes Included)


To make your reservations, please go to the Supper/Buffet Reservation System. Reservations close at 12:00 noon on the Wednesday immediately before the Supper.

Maiden Factor Open Fundraiser Race

The Royal Kennebeccasis Yacht Club is pleased to announce the Inaugural Maiden Factor Open Fundraiser Race. Monday, August 8th, 6-9pm, followed by a reception in the clubhouse where you can meet the crew and hear their incredible stories firsthand.

The race is open to boats from all clubs. Tickets for racing and reception are $20 per person. For a chance to have one of the Maiden crew join your boat during the race, tickets are an additional $10 each.

We will show the Maiden movie at 6:00 pm for onshore spectators. Racing can be viewed from the clubhouse, and the Maiden crew will arrive at approximately 7:30, post-race. The fee to attend the reception is $20. Spectator boats are welcome.

Prizes and swag donated by the Port of SJ. Trophy with a piece of Maiden on it donated by DP World.

Parking & Register License Plates

If you are in the habit of leaving your vehicle on club property, we would like everyone to follow the parking plan that is published on the website.


It is also possible to register your vehicle license numbers in your profile on Just for Members. That way, if your car is in the way of the yard crew, we can find out who’s car it is and give you a call.   Remember, Just for Members is not just for trouble tickets and launches, it also securely stores need to know member information and its messaging feature allows members to find other members and securely message them.  Thanks!